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125-8705   Blue-small       1ea.

150-8852   Yellow-large     1ea.

125-8703   Green-small    1ea.

125-8755   Blue-small       1ea.

150-8851   Red-large         1ea.

125-8757   Black-small      1ea.

125-8700  Black-small      1ea.

Heavy-Duty Chain Rollers

Lightweight Off-Road Chain Rollers

125-8756   Purple-small   1ea.

150-8804   Orange-large  1ea.

150-8802  Yellow-large     1ea.

150-8857   Black-large      1ea.

These heavy-duty chain rollers are designed for most on-road or dual-purpose bikes, or for off-road bikes that are ridded in more demanding conditions. Maintenance-free sealed bearings ensure solid reliability and long life. Available in two sizes and six colors

150-8856   Purple-large    1ea.

These lightweight, polyurethane off-road chain rollers are designed with no bearings and run on maintenance-free nylon bushings. Most dirt bikes and ATV's require two per machine. They're a great way to save a lot of weight, and are much less expensive than competitors' titanium nut-and-bolt products. Available in two sizes and seven colors.

150-8805   Blue-large        1ea.

125-8702   Yellow-small   1ea.

125-8754   Orange-small  1ea.

150-8853   Green-large    1ea.

150-8855   Blue-large        1ea.

150-8800   Black-large      1ea.

125-8704   Orange-small  1ea.

125-8752   Yellow-small   1ea.

125-8701   Red-small        1ea.

150-8803   Green-large    1ea.

150-8801   Red-large         1ea.

125-8751   Red-small        1ea.

150-8854   Orange-large  1ea.

125-8753   Green-small    1ea.