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P/N 058-2275, reducer, 5/8"(16mm) down to 1/2"(13mm)

Honeycomb Mesh

005-1803 18" x 18" Flat sheet

Square Mesh

005-1801 18" x 18" Flat sheet

P/N 378-9200, radiator fin straightener

Protects hoses from heat damage or debris on street or off-road motorcycles. Fits over most popular sizes of tubing and hoses. Also serves as a heat shield on larger radiator hose applications. Sold in 10" lengths; may be compressed to size.

P/N 060-0438, for 7/16" OD hose, 7/16"(11mm) x 10"

Gear-Drive Hose Clamps

P/N 058-2235, , 3-way"T", 3/4"(19mm)

P/N 060-1000, for 1"OD hose, 1.00"(25mm) x 10"

Aluminum Mesh Kits

P/N 058-2255,  90 deg. 3/4" (19mm)

Ovalesque Mesh

005-1805 18" x 18" Flat sheet

P/N 212-1113, Zinc plate, 1.1 bar

Helix® Very High Temp Paint extends the life and color of exhaust systems, including fiberglass wraps and pipes. The silica/ceramic formula disperses heat to maintain and protect the finish. Withstands temperatures to 2000°F. Also for use on radiators, oil coolers, manifolds, engine cases and more.

P/N 165-1170, Flat Aluminum, 11oz

P/N 165-1000, Gray Primer, 11oz

P/N 212-1801, black, 1.8 bar

Round hole Mesh

005-1804 18" x 18" Flat sheet

P/N 060-0375, for 3/8" OD hose, 3/8"(9mm) x 10"

Cooling System

P/N 060-1500, for 1.5" OD hose, 1.50"(38mm) x 10"

P/N 058-2245, 3-way"Y", 3/4"(19mm)

P/N 058-2295, reducer, 1.00"(25mm) down to 3/4"(19mm)

P/N 058-2285,reducer, 3/4"19mm down to 5/8"(16mm)

Diamond Mesh

005-1802 18" x 18" Flat sheet

Radiator Maintenance/Repair Fittings

P/N 165-1020, Flat Black, 11oz

P/N 212-2100, black, 2.1 bar 

P/N 165-1150, Satin Clear, 11oz

P/N 212-1112, black, 1.1 bar

P/N 058-2265, , splicer, 3/4" (19mm)

P/N 111-6204, gear drive SSHC, 6-16mm, 10pack, (prefix 114- is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6205, gear drive SSHC, 7-16mm, 10pack, (prefix 114- is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6206, gear drive SSHC, 8--22mm 10pack, (prefix 114- is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6208, gear drive SSHC, 10-25mm, 10pack, (prefix114- is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6210, gear drive SSHC, 10-27mm, 10pack, (prefix 114- is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6212, gear drive SSHC, 13-32mm, 10pack, (prefix 114-is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6216, gear drive SSHC, 13-38mm, 10pack, (prefix 114-is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6220, gear drive SSHC, 19-44mm, 10pack, (prefix 114-is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6224, gear drive SSHC, 26-51mm, 10pack, (prefix 114-1s for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6228, gear drive SSHC, 32-58mm, 10 pack (prefix 114-is for 4 pack)
P/N 111-6244, gear drive SSHC, 58-83mm, 10 pack (prefix 114-is for 4 pack)

P/N 212-1601, black, 1.6 bar